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Jaxtraw's Lucy Lastique!
The epic erotic sci-fi comic saga by Lewd Art cartoonist Jaxtraw!

New Toon: 14th December 2010!

About Lewd

The cartoons you see here on Lewd Art were originally produced on a daily basis- like a daily newspaper funny cartoon, but a bit naughtier. After a while labouring daily to think up ideas (the ideas turned out to be far harder than the drawings, and the experience left me with an undying admiration for those cartoonists who can think up a joke every day of the year) it turned out that the response, in terms of visitor numbers, was discouragingly low and showed no signs of increasing. As a result, my enthusiasm waned and production petered out. I eventually left this website to accumulate tumbleweed, with the last few cartoons on it.

Nonetheless, a handful of people have made positive noises about these "Lewd Toons" so I've decided to put them all on the site, as you can see below, not least because my webhosts have become quite generous with bandwidth of late, and anyway history suggests that demand is unlikely to be stratospheric...

As such, I hope you the visitor will enjoy them and perhaps they may raise a smile or two. My intention was to create "adult" cartoons with a sex-positive angle as an alternative to some of the rather negative porn that's out there- I hope I achieved at least a little towards that goal. If you enjoy these, you may like to take a look at my other website, Jaxtraw Studios, which features my epic adult sci-fi comic Lucy Lastique.



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Jaxtraw's Lucy Lastique!

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All cartoons on this site are copyright and may not be used by others without permission. They are the property of the artist Jaxtraw and are used with his full permission.

Title 18 USC 2257: This website contains no depictions of real human beings in any sexual situations. Neither are any of the drawings based upon real persons. As such it is exempt from record keeping requirements under the statute.